Ambience IoT Smart City

With the ability to monitor 03, NO2, temperature, humidity and pressure, a complete AQI value can be monitored and enable smart decision making to better advise public risk and air quality. Additionally, light and noise/sound sensors add the ability to create urban noise maps for automation and efficiency of lighting systems.

Data is sent to the internet via WiFi or 3G radio technologies.

This solution is currently under development and will be tested soon.

Hardware Components

Component Quantity
Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor 1
Ozone Sensor 1
Luminosity Sensor 1
Component Quantity
Noise/Sound Sensor 1
Temperature / Humidity / Pressure Probe 1
Ambience Data Starling 1

Cloud Solution

Our dashboard provides:

  • With access to your real time data, you will understand the impact of your decisions immediately saving time and cost, be aware of incidents as they occur and have the ability to increase your productivity because communication takes time. Real time data in no time at all.
  • With the ability to generate reports, you can see the big picture when it comes to your building management. Understanding how different factors affect each other in the same building ecosystem is crucial to driving down cost and increasing efficiency of both man and machine.
  • View historical data which can not only be viewed for each device, but also compared to others. Side by side comparisons of power consumption, machine status, air quality can give key insight into understanding how your building and machines are functioning.
  • With our building/room/spacial view tool in our dashboard, you can separate each buildings devices and see in real time, the state of machines and quality of the air in the building or surroundings.